India: Convergence Course

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Professional Development
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Course Objective

To build up a cadre of Convergence experts at national, state and district level familiar with UNDAF Outcome 3 and requirements for its smooth implementation
Learning Goal

Comprehend fully the purpose, results framework and implementation plan of Outcome 3 based upon the following:

Understanding of the Programme - the results framework and implementation modalities of GOI-UN Joint Programme and its component projects
The MDG lag at the district level with particular focus on women and people belonging to disadvantaged groups, possible factors that are responsible for low attainments and rationale of increasing resource utilization to achieve MDGs
Understanding of BRGF and Planning Commission guidelines
Basic understanding of the mechanism for district and local level planning and implementation including capacity development requirements
Familiarity with concept, experience and methodology of change management
Familiarity with implementation and monitoring mechanisms of major programmes including resource flows, basis of allocation and information flow
Skills for budgetary analysis and resource convergence through Plan Plus and GramDrishti software
Familiarity with demographic indicators and use of data for Planning and tools such as CMS

Method of instruction:
Classroom Lecture by practitioners, Panel discussion, Group Work, Market Stalls, Quiz, and Presentation of own learning

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Government of India and UN

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District Leveragers and Administration, UN Officers and Staff

Suraj Kumar
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