Indonesia Human Development Report 2004

The Economics of Democracy: Financing Human Development in Indonesia


Indonesia's second NHDR focuses on financing Human Development. This
Report is meant as follow-up of the first NHDR, and aims at showing
how Indonesia can generate the resources needed to achieve higher levels of
human development and how the country can develop a
right-based/entitlements approach to human development needs. The Report
explores all the different sources of finance for human development and
assesses the capacity of regional governments to take up human development
challenges by creating a productive environment, managing centrally-generated
finance and raising their own funds. The ways in which the central government
can distribute national funds in oder to achieve greater equity among regions
is also assessed.

Principal Contributors: Satish C. Mishra - Team Leader (UNDP) Anis Chowdhury - Drafting Team Wahid Mahmud - Drafting Team Wynandin Imawan - Statistical Team (BPS-Statistics Indonesia) Razali Ritonga - Statistical Team (BPS-Statistics Indonesia)
Public Finance
Human Development (General)