Information and Communication Technologies and their Effect on Human Development


The aim of the report is to highlight the unique contribution that ICTs, especially the Internet, can make towards ensuring Ecuador’s development. The report covers ICT applications that contribute towards improving opportunities for Ecuadorians. Among others, the report includes issues such as improving education, providing equal and universal access to information and knowledge, supporting health services, linking migrants with their families, human rights, publicizing local issues, decentralization and reform of the state, improving public and private management, participation, employment, improving and creating opportunities for exporting goods and services, supporting commerce and the country’s competitiveness, and protecting the environment.

Principal Contributors: Rita Camacho Raquel Coello Lily Jara Carola Chamorro Lily Jara Fabian Jaramillo C Carlos Larrea Ricardo Mena Ines Mencias Jennifer Myles Ana Maria Varea Carlos Vera Q Alexandra Wachtmeister
Information and Communications Technologies