Informe Nacional sobre Desarrollo Humano Paraguay 2003


This report provides a database of Human Development indicators disaggregated at the municipal level. Further, the Report identifies the development opportunities offered to Paraguayans and analyses their capabilities to seize these development opportunities. While the Paraguayan society is embedded with major inequalities in terms of income distribution, gender and natural assets, the Report emphasizes the analysis of regional disparities.
The Report falls into5 sections: i) Human Development conceptual framework; ii) Situation of Human Development in the country; iii) Analysis of the main factors determining the national situation; iv) Analytical description of regional disparities and;
v) Identification of the country's main challenges.
The Report finally aims at providing a better understanding of Paraguay's current development reality through the review of its history and its culture.

Principal Contributors: Lucien Muñoz - Resident Representative (UNDP Paraguay) Maria Noel Vaeza - Deputy Resident Representative (UNDP Paraguay) Jose Soler - Assistant Resident Representative (UNDP Paraguay) Carlos Carrera - Programme Officer - Poverty and Human Development (UNDP - Paraguay) Rosa Posa - Gender Specialist (UNDP Paraguay) Veronica Serafini - Economist (NHDR Paraguay) Cynthia Brizuela - Social Sector Specialist (NHDR Paraguay) Susana Rojas - Administrator (NHDR Paraguay) Jose Molinas - Economist (Instituto Desarrollo) Margarita Molinas - System Analyst (Instituto Desarrollo) Pablo Sauma - Senior Technical Advisor (International Consultant) Juan Francisco Facetti - Environment Specialist (Consultant) Ruben Gaete - Health Sector Specialist (Consultant) Carlos Mateo Balmelli - Democratic Governance Specialist (Consultant) Hugo Royg - Macroeconomic Specialist (Consultant) Jose Costa - Communication Specialist (Consultant)
Human Development (General)