Informe sobre Desarrollo Humano de El Salvador 2005

Una Mirada al Nuevo Nosotros. El Impacto de las Migraciones

El Salvador

This HDR in line with previous reports, seeks to present a systematic, comprehensive vision of the country's reality. It identifies major changes and trends and establishes which of those foster human development and which do not. The analytical framework for this report is the issue of international migration from El Salvador, and specifically its impact on various dimensions (economic, social, political, cultural, ets) of the lives of those who emigrate and those who remain in the country

Principal Contributors: Ana Vilma de Escobar - Chief Committee Beat Rohr - Chief Committee José Jorge Simán - Chief Committee Ana Crisitina Sol - Chief Committee Aronette Díaz - Chief Committee Juan Valiente - Chief Committee Carlos Quintanilla Schmidt - Chief Committee José Mauricio Loucel - Chief Committee
Displacement, IDPs and Migration