Informe sobre Desarrollo Humano San Luis Potosí 2005

Identify the areas of opportunity in the development state


The aim of this report is to identify the areas of opportunity in the development state agenda for the reflection and action of those who make decisions in public policy, members of the academic community, civil society organisations and general public interested in the development of the state. The final purpose is not to evaluate the actions undertaken by the people of San Luis Potosi in their efforts to improve their life conditions, but to stimulate the debate through the rigorous analysis and a posture with a purpose, unbiased and inclusive.

With the Human Development Report – San Luis Potosi 2005, this state takes the lead in Mexico in the preparation of this type of public policy tools. At the same time, it joins the international network for development headed by UNDP and establishes a benchmark to be matched by other states in the promotion of human development at the sub national level in Mexico.

Human Development (General)