Interculturalism and Globalization

Bolivia's Potential


The current report for 2004 serves as a follow-up to the previous empirical and theoretical stock and explores the possibility of strengthening human development in Bolivia in the framework of the new information technology paradigm. The report addresses the question of whether Bolivia, a poor and underdeveloped country, is ready to engage itself actively in the information society and globalization. In this context, the 2004 HDR suggests to the country a Bolivian way to techno-informationalism with human development, meaning a society whose wealth creation is increasingly based on the ability to produce, process and disseminate knowledge and, above all, one in which this wealth is widely distributed among the members of a community of citizens, able to operate autonomously under the new international rules.

Principal Contributors: Fernando Calderón Gutiérrez - Coordinator Gerardo Berthin - Principal Coordinator Gonzalo Gómez - Principal Coordinator Fernando Mayorga - Principal Coordinator Juan Carlos Tedesco - Principal Coordinator Juan Enrique Vega - Principal Coordinator