Interview with Selim Jahan, HDRO Director: History of human development indices and future of the HDR

11 May 2018

The number of composite indices that are constructed and used internationally is growing very fast; but whilst the complexity of quantitative techniques has increased dramatically, the education and training in this area have been dragging and lagging behind. As a consequence, these simple numbers, expected to synthesize quite complex issues, are often presented to the public and used in the political debate without proper emphasis on their intrinsic limitations and correct interpretations.

In a two-part interview for the course on global statistics offered by the University of Geneva jointly with the ETH Zürich KOF and in partnership with Coursera, Dr. Selim Jahan, HDRO Director discussed the Human Development Index (HDI) and other related indices in the Human Development Report, the major strengths, and limitations of the HDI and the future of the Human Development Reports.

Interview with Selim Jahan, part I: History of the Human Development Index
Interview with Selim Jahan, part II: Other indices in the Human Development Report (HDR), and future of the HDR