Kerala HDR 2005


The Kerala Human Development Report 2005 was launched on 8 March 2006 by the Chief Minister, Mr. Oommen Chandy. This first Human Development Report from Kerala addresses second-generation issues relating to different aspects of human development, which include providing holistic health care, employment oriented education, high quality social security, continued food and nutrition security – with an even stronger pro-poor bias. In order to meet these development goals, this report emphasizes the need for a long time-horizon in investment, high levels of skills and knowledge, a high technological base, modern forms of organization and professional management and governance. Another important theme that is addressed in this report is the problem of gender disparity in property rights and participation in public affairs.

Principal Contributors: K. P. Kannan - Principal Contributor and Team Leader (Centre for Development Studies) K. Navaneetham - Principal Contributor and Team Coordinator (Centre for Development Studies) N. Vijayamohanan Pillai - Principal Contributor (Centre for Development Studies) Mridul Eapen - Principal Contributor (Centre for Development Studies) Achin Chakraborty - Principal Contributor (Centre for Development Studies)
Local Development (Regional/Rural)