Kosovo Human Development Report 2002

Building Bridges to a Better Future


For the first time in 2002 human development indicators have been analyzed for Kosovo. This first Report takes stock of the human development status in the region and introduces the general concept of human-oriented development to Kosovans. By developing these baseline indicators, the Report is meant to help assess the success of long-term policies designed to improve living standards in Kosovo. Although Kosovo's long-term political status remains sensitive, the region is striving to reach levels of development comparable to other areas and countries in the region and elsewhere in Europe. The first HDR contributes to these efforts.

* In line with UNSCR 1244 (1999)

Principal Contributors: Dr. Ekrem Beqiri - HDR Team LeaderTimothy Scott - ConsultantRobert Piper - UNDP Resident Representative (UNDP)
Human Development (General)