Kyrgyzstan National Human Development Report 2013

Local Self Governance


The report for the first time in Kyrgyzstan offers a fresh look at local self-government not only as a system of governance designed to tackle a range of issues on a local level, but also as an environment and an essential condition for human development. "This approach brings local self-government, its role and importance in the process of sustainable development of all countries to a whole new level. It also opens up new horizons for legal and institutional development of local self-government" said UNDP Resident Representative in the Kyrgyz Republic during the presentation of the report in Bishkek. For the first time in the history of human development reports in the Kyrgyz Republic, the Human Development Index (HDI) was calculated not only at the national level, but also at the level of each municipality and the local self-government. This approach helped the team of authors to reveal interesting relationships between human development and the development of local self-government, including those related to the level of trust in the leaders of local self-governments, local budgets and other aspects of local government.

Democratic Governance and Empowerment