Lithuania Habitat 1996


Human Development Report 1995: lessons and continuity. Lithuania's first ever Human Development Report (HDR) was published in 1995. Applying UNDP's global
human development concept at a national level, it examined Lithuania's human development from the widest possible perspective. This approach had advantages and
disadvantages. On the one hand, critics considered it too descriptive and overloaded with statistics. On the other hand, the report provided a detailed situation analysis
and allows to monitor changes in human development over time. The abundance of statistics on different issues helped not only to show the situation from different angles
but also to reveal areas where better statistics are needed.

Principal Contributors: Petras AdlysDalia AmbrozaitienéArvydas AndreikénasGaile DapsienéVirginija EidukienéAniceta Sapoliené
Human Development (General)