Lithuanian Human Development Report 2003

Knowledge, information, technology and human development


The Lithuanian Human Development Report 2003 addresses the issue of Knowledge, Information and Technologies for Human Development. The report is a research on the human development aspects of innovation and information, based on statistics measuring the impact of information technologies on societal development. The objective is to strengthen the national capacity to monitor the process of innovation on the basis of concise and reliable statistics. The report is expected to complement the work done by the World Bank and serve as a preparatory document to be used by Lithuania on the occasion of the World Summit on Information Society in December 2003.

Principal Contributors: Dr. Jolanta Rimkute - EditorDr. Irina Voloschuk - EditorDr. Vida Kanopiene - Researcher and ExpertAndrius Kubilius - Researcher and Expert Habil. Dr. Juozas Rimantas Lazutka - Researcher and Expert
Information and Communications Technologies