Living Standards, Education Reform and Participation


The Latvia Human Development Report 1997 identifies social cohesion as a precondition for economic growth and sustainable human development. Three types of inequalities and disparities represent the greatest challenges for further human development in Latvia: 1) socio-economic inequality and growing poverty; 2) ethnic relations and national integration; and 3) regional development. The report analyzes the gap between various social and ethnic groups, emphasizing the need to promote human development as an overarching objective. The report also reflects on themes overlooked in other assessments and reports available to decision makers which are crucial for enabling policy makers for appropriate reaction in terms of promoting human development. Examples include shadow economics, poverty, income disparities, social security, gender equality, social and ethnic integration and regional development.

Principal Contributors: Nils Muiznieks - CoordinatorJuris Krumins - ConsultantTalis Tisenkopfs - ConsultantBaiba Rivza - Consultant
Human Development (General)