Looking Beyond the Triple Transition


The Report examines basic relationships between economic growth and human development. To do this, it assesses the conduct of market reforms which contribute to human development; identifies problems and challenges in the rural areas; outlines the emerging issues of habitat, discusses the reforms required to strengthen the social infrastructure of health and education; and analyses poverty and its different dimensions.

The Report represents an attempt to initiate dialogue and discussion on these key issues, as such it is considered as only the beginning and serves as an invitation to more thorough discussions involving decision-makers, academics and development practitioners.

The Report contains a number of proposals to make future economic growth in Uzbekistan job-intensive, equitable and ecologically sustainable.

Principal Contributors: Serhiy Pirozhkov - CoordinatorLubov ChuikoBohdan DanilishinAnatoly DronVasil KremenElena Paliy
Human Development (General)