Mexico: Country Case Study Towards the Millennium Development Goals at the Sub-National Level

2003 Occasional Paper
By Fuentes, Ricardo; Montes, Andres

It is clear that the current development model will not be changed unless world leaders establish thorough common agreements and undertake deep remedial measures with a full sense of commitment. The Millennium Summit offered world leaders a unique opportunity to renew their sense of mission and reflect upon their common future at a time when countries find themselves interconnected as never before. In this era of globalization, states need to be strengthened so that they can properly attend their populations’ needs, provide solutions and attempt to foster a more equitable distribution of the rewards of globalization, since even though that process offers great opportunities, its benefits are unequally distributed. The Millennium gathering represented the pinnacle of the agreements achieved in the last decade in terms of peace, security, disarmament, poverty eradication, human rights, environmental sustainability and gender equity – all this under a new framework aimed to restructure the global development agenda.