Nagaland State Human Development Report 2004


Nagaland State Human Development Report 2004 draws attention to human development indicators in the areas of income and livelihood, education, health and women’s empowerment, which are critical for the all-round development of the State. The report has attempted to identify gaps or indicators of deficiency, thereby signaling areas that require specific policy attention. In this way, the Nagaland SHDR identifies the strengths as well as weak areas, and advocates greater resources for human development priority sectors in the State.

Principal Contributors: Aparna Bhatia - Principal Contributor (Department of Planning & Coordination) V. Shashank Shekhar - Principal Contributor (Government of Nagaland) Charles Chasie - Principal Contributor Kezevino Aram - Principal Contributor (Shanti Ashram) Manoj Pant - Principal Contributor (Jawaharlal Nehru University)
Local Development (Regional/Rural)