National Human Development Report 2001


The Report attempts to map the state of human development in India, looking in particular at gender equality and poverty. The Report breaks new ground in several areas by presenting the level of human development at State-level and in constructing indices such as a gender equality index. The Report finds that although overall human development has improved, at the State level there are wide disparities. However, it notes that among the middle-income states there is no correspondence between the HDI and level of development, indicating that allocation of adequate public resources is not enough; they must be used effectively and efficiency. Human attainment appears to be better where there is social mobilization for human development, and where female literacy and empowerment encourages women to have a say in the decision-making process at the household level. The Report also includes a section on governance, suggesting an alternative framework of governance to further human development. This includes empowering women, reforming the civil service, supporting civil society initiatives, and removing unnecessary procedural regulations that stifle entrepreneurial energy.

Principal Contributors: Rajeev Malhotra - NHDR Project Team member (Deputy Advisor, Planning Commission) Arvinder S Sachdeva - NHDR Project Team member (Director, Planning Commission) S V Ramanamurthy - NHDR Project Team Member (Senior Research Officer, Planning Commission)