National Human Development Report 2003 for Colombia


On the basis of a thorough process of dialogue and social participation across the country, the report analyses the local roots of conflict and suggests concrete reforms in thirteen policy areas. The report claims that peace in Colombia is possible through numerous measures which go beyond military action and complement high level peace negotiations. Furthermore, the NHDR 2003 identifies good practices for peace in Colombia and abroad. The report also emphasizes the tremendous challenge posed by the conflict to human development and how human development is the solution to the violent conflict.

Principal Contributors: Hernando Gómez Buendía - Coordinator (UNDP) Marc-André Franche - Researcher (UNDP) Rocio Rubio - Researcher (UNDP) Mauricio Uribe - Researcher (UNDP) Maria Victoria Duque - Manager and Logistics (UNDP) Carlos Alberto Chica - Coordinator of Comunications (UNDP) Luz Amparo Medina - Associate Researcher (UNDP) Carlos Vicente de Roux - Special Adviser (UNDP)Andrea del Pilar Arboleda - Webmaster (UNDP)