National Human Development Report 2020: Montenegro


At the time of publication, Montenegro remained in the throes of the pandemic, experiencing setbacks and new challenges in health, economic growth, and education. Rapidly rising from just a handful of confirmed cases in April 2020 to a peak of 957 new cases in a single day on 9 November 2020 the total number of cases per million inhabitants on 30 November 2020 was 56,146, and Montenegro ranked third in the world according this parameter. The pandemic risks a direct decline to human development not seen in a generation.

Digital transformation enters this scene as both a response and a challenge. From strong underpinnings in widespread internet connectivity, Montenegro holds the opportunity to transform its economic, educational and e-government foundations to leverage the potential of a renewed digital society to expand inclusive human development in the immediate and long-term future. Yet challenges persist in limited business environment, support to innovation, and to education reform that can significantly accelerate progress.

This Report charts a path to removing these obstacles.