National Human Development Report Armenia 1996


The report introduces SHDI, which attempts to adapt the Human Development Index to the concept of sustainable human development. The index hopes to factor in environmental cost of the degree of attained development. The aim of this
index is that countries will alter their actions depending on the degree of rationality of their natural resource utilization practice.

Principal Contributors: Dr. Victoria Ter-Nikoghosyan (Sustainable Development NGO)Mr. Karen Daduryan - Project AssistantDr. Aharon Adibekyan (Independent Sociometer Sociological Center)Dr. Albert Karakosyan (YSU)Dr. Armen Saghatelyan - Deputy Chairman (National State Party)Mr. Arthur Khachatryan - Deputy Director (Diagnostics Medical Center)Mr. Ashot Bleyan - First Deputy Minster of Education and Sciences (New Path Party)Mr. David Hakobyan - Head of Department (Ministry of Social Issues.)
Human Development (General)