National Human Development Report - Bulgaria 1999

Vol. 1: Trends and Opportunities for Regional Human Development Vol 2. Bulgarian People's Aspirations


Report Cover

“Trends and Opportunities for Regional Human Development” , Volume I of the 1999 National Human Development Report, is a watershed publication for the analysis of human development conditions. The report looks at ways Bulgarian society can transform the emerging economic stabilization into more opportunities. For the first time the report compares the human development prospects of Bulgaria’s 28 districts.
“Bulgarian People’s Aspirations”, the second volume report, presents the way Bulgarians see themselves in the context of Southeastern Europe and in the context of their individual value systems. If it is to be prosperous in the 21st century, Bulgaria should develop such a human development policy that would decrease disparities among and inside districts and would expand human choices.

Principal Contributors: Dr. Andrey Ivanov - National Coordinator
Human Development (General)