National Human Development Report Globalization Zimbabwe


The Report assesses the impact and challenges of globalization on the country presents a grim picture, finding that while globalization has benefited a small section of the population with international financial interests, access to the land or technology and international exporters, the working classes and the agricultural and industrial sectors have been greatly disadvantaged. The Report offers concrete recommendations both to the government and civil society to prevent the poor from becoming further marginalized. These include increase accountability and transparency on behalf of the government, encouraged by intense scrutiny by civil society.

Principal Contributors: Yash Tandon - Principal authorCarlos Lopes - Steering Committee (UNDP Resident Representative)Donald Chimanikire - Steering Committee (IDS Acting Director)Justin Maeda - Steering Committee (UNICEF Resident Representative)Lancester Museka - Steering Committee (Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare)Solomon Mhlanga - Steering Committee (Deputy Director Economics, Office of the President and Cabinet)
Globalization and Economic Integration