New Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Sustainable Human Development


Niger is a Saharan country
which faces numerous natural
handicaps, notably the arid
climate, great demographic
pressure and the scarcity of
resources. This, coupled with
a series of socio-political
crises have meant that Niger
now has the second lowest HDI
in the world. This year's NHDR
considers the potential of
ICTs as tools for reducing
poverty. The authors argue
that ICTs offer an unprecedented
opportunity for achieving
development, particularly
poverty reduction, healthcare
and education. Providing an
assessment of the current use
of ICTs and addressing the importance of
renewable energy sources in
Niger, the report examines
how new ICTs can be used to
increase human development in
the country.

Principal Contributors:  Aichatou Mindaoudou - Coordinator
Information and Communications Technologies
Human Development (General)