Palestine Human Development Report

Palestine (State of)

The 2004 PHDR is an attempt to assess the various aspects of the Palestinian condition as a first step toward an integrated approach to the development of Palestinian individuals and society and to strengthen the social fabric needed to support our national liberation and development activities.

To this end, each section of the report addresses one of the various aspects of the Palestinian condition from two perspectives. The report is divided into six sections. From the first perspective, the general Palestinian condition is assessed in order to gain an understanding of what exists, what is hoped for, and what is possible given internal and contextual challenges

Principal Contributors: ader Izzat Said - Team Leader and Report Editor (Development Studies Programme, Birzeit University) Ibrahim Al-Daqaq - Principal Author Nasr Abdel Karim - Principal Author Bassem Ezbidi - Principal Author Nader Said - Principal Author Wasim Abu Fasha - Principal Author
Human Development (General)
Political Empowerment