Palestine Human Development Report 1998-1999

Palestine (State of)

Successful planning for the interim stage and its management, and guiding performance to serve the Palestinian people effectively, called for a development policy that could operate under the restrictions of the current stage while maintaining ongoing efforts towards the establishment of the Palestinian state. Such a policy required a close observation of conditions on the ground, careful collection of data on various aspects of life, and in-depth and diligent analysis of the information gathered. It also required knowledge about the performance of Palestinian society before the establishment of the PNA, its performance under the PNA, the performance of the PNA itself, and the impact of external factors on overall performance of all actors.

The Palestine Profile was divided into three main sections, and a fourth section that included the appendices. It monitored and evaluated the state of human development in Palestine and the factors impacting it, whether positively or negatively, and provided an analysis of political, social, health and economic conditions of the Palestinian people.

Human Development (General)