Palestine Human Development Report 2002

Palestine (State of)

The Report underlines the importance of scientific planning to foster development. It highlights the role of participation in the development process, as well as the linkage between development and democratic change, and the important role of civil society institutions and education in the process. The Report also tackles the issues of development planning and financing. It puts forward effective decentralization as a model for development and good governance. Finally the Report asserts that providing institutionalized frameworks that enable people to actually participate in developing their society, whether at the political, economic or social levels, is the way to achieve sustainable human development.

Principal Contributors: Nader Said - Team Leader & Editor Sufian Mushasha (UNDP) Ibrahim Dakkak - Principal Author Jamil Hilal - Principal Author Sufyan Al Aysa - Principal Author Ghassan Abu Hatab - Principal Author
Human Development (General)