Political Capabilities for Human Development 2002

Excellence in Participatory and Inclusive Process

The aim of the Report 2002 is to evaluate the state of human development at the dawn of the new century and to show how the options for advancing in this development depend, to a large extent, on the political capabilities of Bolivian society and the nation’s actors of development.
This analysis is based on two approaches in the Report. First, the current state and socioeconomic perspectives of human development are evaluated. The Report shows unequal rates of progress in the areas of social development and economic growth, and discusses the difficulties currently faced by the country in coordinating efforts and progress in these two areas. Second, the Report evaluates the political capabilities of some of the country's principal actors, including state institutions and the party system, the mass media, political and social leaders, the poor, and public opinion in general.

Principal Contributors: Fernando Calderon Gutierrez - Main CoordinatorAntonio Aranibar Arce - ResearcherNatasha Coayza Castro - ResearcherArmando Ortuno Yanez - ResearcherHugo Jose Suarez Suarez - Researcher