Por Una Democracia Incluyente


The 2002 NHDR serves as a follow up to the previous analyses of the five pillars of human development by focusing on the political dimension of development. Its aim is to identify the principal challenges, advances and shortcomings of the democratic process in Honduras. Recognizing that democracy does not automatically translate into human development, it addresses the question of how and in which respect, in Honduras, it has served to generate an appropriate environment for human development. The report shows that Honduran democracy has managed to stay stable in the face of importance crises and identifies its main challenge as re-enforcing its socio-economic, institutional and cultural bases.

Principal Contributors: Rolando Sierra Fonseca - Principal CordinatorAlvaro CalixJonna LundwallCesar Castillo PerezSergio A. Membreno CedilloJose CuestaLea Bishop