The Position of Women During the Last Decade

Costa Rica

This is a 'State of the Nation' report, providing a thorough examination of the state of human development in Costa Rica. By monitoring demographics, public policy, the media and other important state actors, the report offers a unique and complete snapshot of the challenges and progress of the previous year. This report includes updated demographic information that allows a reconsideration of national trends and challenges. This year, a large segment of the book is dedicated to investigating the state of gender equality in the nation. It highlights areas where Costa Rica needs to improve, as well as successes achieved in other areas.

Principal Contributors: Rodrigo Arias Camacho Jose Manuel Echandi Meza Ligia Elizondo Cabrera Jose Andres Masis Bermudez Juan Manuel Cordero Gonzalez Sonia Marta Mora Gabriel Macaya Trejos Alejandro Cruz Molina
Human Development (General)