Poverty Alleviation and Human Development China 1997


This report summarizes the history and current status of sustainable human development in China, focus attention on the outstanding challenges to be overcome, and make broad policy recommendations for tackling them. Special attention is given to the theme of poverty reduction, which was the annual theme of the 1997 global HDR. Because this is the first NHDR undertaken for China, it also tries to establish a baseline for future such efforts by discussing in some detail a wide spectrum of human development issues, including the distribution of income, health care, education and nutrition, pupulation and migration, status of women, employment, social security provision and the state of natural environment. There are many casual inter-connections among these various issues, which the report tries to highlight.

Principal Contributors: Wu Jinglian - Senior Editorial Advisor (Development Research Center, State Council of the PRC)Carl Riskin - Editor and Pricipal Author (Queens College and Columbia University, International Consultant for UNDP)
Human Development (General)