Public Policy Process and Human Development Latvia


The Latvia Human Development Report 2000-2001 addresses policy analysis and advances two main questions: is policy-making in Latvia sufficiently human development-oriented, and which policy improvements would be required for the further advancement of human development. The report focuses on the process of policy-making as an essential means for achieving human development goals. The authors stress the importance of public participation and urge continued perseverance in the implementation of democratic, responsible, competent and open policy-making in Latvia. The meaningful participation of a country’s inhabitants in public affairs, besides permitting then to be genuine decision-makers in the development process, permits them to be truly integrated in their local community, in the nation state and in the European community of nations.

Principal Contributors: Talis Tisenkopfs Valts Kalnins Aija Rieba Janis Ikstens Aivita Putnina Pauls Raudseps Vladimirs Mensikovs Astrida Neimane Linda Zeverte
Human Development (General)