Quality of Economic Growth and its Impact on Human Development

Republic of Moldova

The subject of this Human Development National Report is “Economic Growth Quality and its Impact on Human Development” (further on – Report). The Report includes discussions on economic growth phenomena and human development in Moldova during 2000-2005 and analysis of links between the economic growth and human development. To avoid readers’ eventual confusion, we would like to state that the period 2000-2005 is called for the purposes of this report economic growth.
The authors of this Report have analyzed the basic economic policies which have implications for human development and economic dimensions, in which human development is manifested as such. The implications of governance in the economy and human development growth were studied, governance being in both cases the key factor strongly influencing the performances achieved by the country. Taking into account the inherent relations existing between the economic growth, human development and country international competitiveness, at the end, the authors focused on most important aspects of this triangle. The economic growth can expressly be defined as expansion of regional, national or global economy and be expressed by the Gross Domestic Product growth rate in conformity with the studied area

Economic Reforms and Growth