The Reduction of Poverty and Hunger in Zambia: An Agenda for Enhancing the Achievement of the Millennium Development Goals


The report targets the reduction of poverty and hunger. This special emphasis is based on a number of factors. First, agriculture, and by extension food security and the reduction of hunger. Second, Zambia is currently facing a serious food shortage and desperate measures are being sought to address this problem within a long term sustainable framework. Thirdly, as with most developing countries, there are common threads between poverty and hunger and the other Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). By addressing poverty and hunger there can be mitigating impacts on diseases such as HIV/AIDS and malaria as well as improvements in both child and maternal health.

Principal Contributors: Abdoulie Sireh-Jallow - Report Coordinator (UNDP - Lusaka)Vinetta Robinson - Report Coordinator (UNDP - Lusaka)Dennis Chiwele - Independent Consultant (RuralNet)Anthony Mwanaumo - Independent Consultant (Agricultural Consultative Forum)Augustus Kapungwe - Independent Consultant (University of Zambia)