Reorienting the State Mongolia


The Human Development Report Mongolia 2000 focuses on reorienting the state in modern Mongolia. It addresses the second phase of the country’s transition from a socialist to democratic nation and identifies seven appropriate responsibilities of the state: protecting national security, ensuring human rights, establishing the role of law, managing economic growth, protecting the environment, offering adequate social protection, and fostering the development of democracy. Of these responsibilities, three are highlighted in separate chapters: managing economic growth, nurturing the environment, and investing in social services/ social protection. The overarching recommendation of adjusting state policy to better fit the ongoing human development needs of the people is broken down and examined using seven responsibilities of the state.

Principal Contributors: Ch. Dagvadorj - Head of HD Division P.Altankhuyag Ch. Chadraabal B. Munkhjargal - National Porject Coordinator B.Batjargalsaikan
Role of State