Rural development in Kazakhstan

Challenges and Prospects


The NHDR 2002 focuses on the issue of rural development, as over 40% of the country's population currently lives in rural areas. The Report thus provides a detailed comparative analysis of human development for the second largest population group in the country. Kazakhstan's rural areas have recently become the focus of public attention, as they will enact the final stage of market reforms: the transition to private ownership of land. The country's future is dependent on effective rural development in terms of food supply as well as population growth. The Report emphasizes social aspects of rural development and addresses rural poverty issues in the context of income poverty and poverty of opportunity. It finally discusses the future of rural areas and analyses possible social sector and infrastructure development policies.

Principal Contributors: Zabit Zhusupov - Author (Institute of Social and Economic Information Forecasting)Yuri Shokamanov - Author (Statistics Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan)Fikret Akcura - Coordinator (UNDP )
Local Development (Regional/Rural)