Service Delivery for Sustainable Human Development


This report focuses on services offered in the agriculture, education, health, and
water and sanitation sectors. As such, it touches on the basics of human well-being,
which are fundamental to human development and respect for human life. The
country’s low performance on the Human Development Index (HDI), despite a
slight improvement to 0.395 in 2010 from below 0.35 in 2000, calls for an immediate
and real shift in policy choices. This situation requires reform and recommitment
by all public sector implementing agencies significantly concerned with each sector.
A reorientation of focus with regard to public financial resources, particularly those
allocated to health and education services, needs to address identified gaps so that
most people can attain needed quality services. Furthermore, the private sector is
called upon to act in bringing substantial benefits to the people of Zambia.

Human Development Concepts and Measurement