Solomon Islands Human Development Report 2002

Building a Nation

Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands Human Development Report (SIHDR) 2002 is the first of its kind written and produced by Solomon Islanders themselves. The purpose of the Report is to contribute to discussion on the efforts of individuals, households, the private sector, government, civil society as well as development partners in providing opportunities for people in Solomon Islands to achieve satisfying lives. The report gives an overall view of the human development status of the country. In doing so it points out a lot of issues as well as potential development paths and options. Finally, its Report provides information, ideas, guidance and possible solutions that can be used in Solomon Islands to further improve people's livelihood.

Principal Contributors: Donald Kudu - Project Director Alvina Erekali - Co-author Solomon Ilala - Co-author Kassahun Mekuria - Co-author Augustine Meti - Co-author John Peter Peniop - Co-author John Rofeta - Advisor
Human Development (General)