Sustainable Human Development Libya


The first Libya Human Development Report (LHDR) aimed at providing a comprehensive and objective analysis of development performance in Libya. It highlighted progress, shortcomings and future challenges, suggesting alternative policy options and drawing attention to the regional and international changes that need to be taken into account in future development planning.

The LHDR was produced jointly by the Secretariat of Planning and UNDP in Libya. The National Authority of Information and Documentation served as the co-ordinating and executive agency for the report and a number of research teams and individuals contributed papers and case studies for a series of preparatory seminars.

In its analysis of human development in Libya, the report focused on income distribution and overall economic efficiency. The report found that while there have been positive achievements in achieving greater equity in income distribution and in raising standards of living in terms of education, employment, health and housing, major challenges remain in the overall economy. These concern economic diversification, efficiency and capacity utilization.

Human Development (General)