Tamil Nadu Human Development Report 2003


The Tamil Nadu HDR (2003) provides insights into the process of development of a state characterized by heavy industrialization, urbanization and good growth rates (marginally ahead of fifteen major Indian States). While identifying the challenges that the state confronts, the reports highlight the achievements recorded in terms of social development and women’s empowerment.

In particular, the report recommends that economic policies to be integrated with human development objectives and calls for removing inter-district disparities.

Principal Contributors: Thiru L.N. Vijayaraghavan - Chairman of the Core Committee (Tamil Nadu State Planning Commission)Thangam Sankaranarayanan, I.A.S - then Secretary to Government, (Planning and Development Department)Anandi Ravichandran, I.E.S - then Advisor (IPT) (Tamil Nadu State Planning Commission)Dr. C. Chandramohan, I.E.S - then Director (Evaluation and Applied Research, Tamil Nadu State Planning Commission)R. Bhaskaran, I.A.S - then Director (Department of Economics and Statistics)Dr. Anuradha Khati Rajivan, I.A.S - Member (Tamil Nadu State Planning Commission)Girija Vaidyanathan, I.A.S - Member (Tamil Nadu State Planning Commission)Sheela Rani Chunkanth, I.A.S - Member (Tamil Nadu State Planning Commission)K. Rajaraman, I.A.S - Member (Tamil Nadu State Planning Commission)K.V.Palanidurai - Former Full Time Member (Tamil Nadu State Planning Commission)
Local Development (Regional/Rural)