Thailand Human Development Report 2007

Sufficiency Economy and Human Development


The theme of the Thailand Human Development Report 2007 is “Sufficiency Economy and Human Development” and is published as a timely contribution to the on-going debate in Thailand about how to translate the Sufficiency Economy thinking into practical policies and concrete action. It focuses on the application of Sufficiency Economy in a wide range of areas: poverty reduction, rural development, environmental protection, education, corporate social responsibility, sound macro-economic policy making, as well as good governance.

The Report also aims to help disseminate the Sufficiency Economy thinking to a wider global audience, demystifying its meaning, explaining clearly what it is and what it is not. It is our strong conviction that during these times of rapid globalization and global warming, the Sufficiency Economy thinking — emphasizing moderation, responsible consumption, and resilience to external shocks — is of great relevance not just to Thailand but to countries and communities across the world.