Third Human Development Report Madhya Pradesh 2002

Using the Power of Democracy for Development


The Third Human Development Report records progress made on the human development agenda, reporting on action undertaken and on the uses of democracy for development. By doing so, it highlights substantial progress made in the access to primary and elementary education, now almost universalized. By contrast, the Report acknowledges the need for strengthening efforts in the area of health, and suggests that the answer lies in decentralization to the district and sub-district levels of management, with greater control delegated to communities. As livelihood security for the poor remains the most important challenge, macro-economic policy must focus on employment creation. Finally, the Report presents some of the constraints faced by the state in realizing a human development vision in the current macro-economic context. It concludes by stressing the need for developing indicators of measurement relevant to the state's context.

Principal Contributors: Shri Dilip Raj (Government of Madhya Pradesh) Singh Chaudhary (Government of Madhya Pradesh) Shri R. Gopalakrishnan (Government of Madhya Pradesh) Sandeep Dikshit (Sanket (independent multi-disciplinary research group)Shri Sultan Ahmad - Management Assistance (Directorate of Institutional Finance)
Local Development (Regional/Rural)