Towards a Knowledge Based Society


This year's Report addresses the issue of Russia's path "Towards a Knowledge-based Society". It highlights the role of knowledge in economics and social life, the need for a dramatic transformation of economic and social systems. Russia's economy has to effect the transition from reliance on natural resources to reliance on the most powerful renewable resource known to mankind, which is knowledge. Human development is the key factor on this road, which means that people, their educational attainment, cultural heritage, welfare, health, and capacity for free choice, determine national potential.

Principal Contributors: Prof. Sergei N. Bobylev - Chief Author (Moscow State University) E. Brunat - Chapter Author (UNDP Moldova) Prof. A.E. Varshavsky - Chapter Author (Russian Academy of Sciences) A.G. Vishnevsky - Chapter Author (Russian Academy of Sciences) Prof. A.L. Gaponenko - Chapter Author (Russian Academy of Public Service)
Russian Federation