Transformation for Human Development South Africa

South Africa

The 2000 report reviews the fundamental changes and significant achievements made in the political sphere, mainly through the adaptation and reform of institutions in both the public and the private sector. Impressive institutions of democracy, such as the Constitutional Court, Parliament, and one of the most progressive Constitutions in the world have justly filled South Africans with pride. However, the report finds that this impressive record conceals the continuing inequalities in accessing the new opportunities. The authors conclude that the political achievements can be echoed in the economic and social spheres if the development path is adjusted to promote feasible, realistic changes that ensure positive outcomes for all. The Report suggests some strategies for implementing this, including collective action and a sense of shared responsibility in promoting transformation.

Principal Contributors: Viviene Taylor - Coordinator Devaki Jain Natasha Primo Paul Graham Ravi Naidoo Samia Ahmad Sam Bonti-Ankomah
Economic Reforms and Growth
Political Empowerment