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Panama's first Report provides a diagnosis on poverty and inequality and finds that inequality is rooted in ethno-social factors. The Report provides disaggregated data on poverty at the province-, district- and "comarca" (community) levels, and finds that 40.5% of Panamanians are poor, among which 26.5% suffer from extreme poverty. The Report focuses on indigenous areas, where poverty is greater. It mainly argues that indigenous people should be given more autonomy to design their own welfare system within the national framework, have the opportunity to preserve their specific identity and gain recognition for their contributions to shaping the national culture.

Principal Contributors: Norberto Delgado - Project Director (Ministry of Economy and Finance)Elizabeth Fong - Project Director (UNDP)Paulina Franceschi - Project CoordinatorMartin Fuentes - Technical teamAmelia Marquez de Perez - Technical Team (UNDP)Maribel Landau - Technical Team (UNDP)Carmen de Barroso - Technical Team
Human Development (General)