Transition and Culture of Peace

Republic of Moldova

The 2000 National Human Development Report for the Republic of Moldova has been
dedicated to the Culture of Peace on the initiative of the United Nations. It seeks to point
humanity towards new efforts and new beginnings for the new millennium. Tolerance,
cultural diversity, the elimination or mitigation of contradictions in political, economic and
social spheres, regional post-conflict peace building Š all these problems are of the highest
priority for the Republic of Moldova. The NHDR focuses attention on inkey-pointsls for
the development of the Culture of Peace in Moldova and possible ways of moving towards
a society with the observance of human rights, sustainable human development, cultural
diversity, and a good degree of moral and psychological comfort. The idea is to look at
where Moldova has recently been in order to see where it is going.

Principal Contributors: Soren TejnoIrene StavenskiSvetlana AlexandrovaVladimir Anikin - Consultant (ASM)Valeriu Mosneaga - Consultant (MSU)
Human Development (General)