Uganda Human Development Report 2005

Linking Environment to Human Development: A Deliberate Choice


The 2005 NHDR is the sixth in a series reporting on the country's trends in human development. The theme of this Report is environment and human development. Specifically this year's theme: Linking Environment To Human Development: A Deliberate Choice recognises the importance and close linkage of the environment to sustainable human development. There is no tension between the two concepts for they are a part of the same overall design.
Delivering on MDG 7 on ensuring environmental sustainability, it also delivers on other MDGs with bearing on human development. Likewise, policies to deliver on human development also contribute to attainment of MDG 7 on ensuring environmental sustainability.
Opportunities for approaching human development and environmental management in an integrated manner are many. However, government needs to identify them early, during project and programme design, and take advantage of them during implementation.
In terms of the way forward, Uganda should seek financial and technical assistance from its development partners so that it develops capacity to harness the strong linkage between environment and human development. Likewise, the linkages create a strong case and rationale for government to develop capacities and tools for mainstreaming environment in all spheres of development.