Ukan rasik a'an - East Timor - the way ahead


This is the first NHDR of the world's newest democracy. It gathers all-important qualitative and statistical data on the population' standard of living. The report finds that East Timor is the poorest nation in Asia: more than 40% of the population live on less than 55 cents per day, only 57% literate, life expectancy is as low as 57 years, and many young people are unskilled and unemployed.
The Report contributes to the understanding of these challenges and helps map a route out of the cycle of poverty. It thus contributes to the "National Development Plan" highlighting four critical areas of need: building a capable administration, developing a new relationship with civil society organizations, meeting the education challenge, and promoting economic growth for human development.
Finally, this first NHDR assesses some of the most pressing difficulties in East Timor but also demonstrates how a commitment to human development can set the country on a peaceful and productive new course.

Principal Contributors: Helder da Costa Antero Bendito da Silva Joao Cancio Freitas Rui Gomes Bodil Knudsen Chris McInerney Antonio Almeida Serra Jose Teixeira
Human Development (General)