Ukraine Human Development Report

The Power of Participation


This Report is the first of a series of four that will address the relationship between good governance and accelerated human development in the Ukraine. The first Report focuses on participation as a means for increasing the pace of human development in the Ukraine. The effective participation of representatives from civil society, the business sector and public administration in the process of governance is one of the most important requirements for achieving more rapid advances in human development. The Report recommends that the government should build strong partners in development throughout all major segments of society, with representatives at both the national and the local level. This could be done without great expense. The main requirement for building strong partners would be to provide mechanisms for participation and to make available the information needed for people to participate in decision-making. The Report concludes that all sectors of society should be involved in managing the nation's resources in such a way that would maximize the pace of development for all people living in the Ukraine.

Principal Contributors: Oleg Bilorus - Core TeamJohn Hansen - Core TeamOksana Harbuzyuk - Core TeamArkadi Toritsyn - Core Team