UN Office for South South Cooperation (UNOSSC) and HDRO joint consultation and the online e-discussion on “Inequality in Human Development”

The event will take place on 18th July 2019, 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM EDT, at 304 East 45th street, 11th floor, New York, USA

Over the past half century there has been impressive progress on many fronts in human development. However, progress has been uneven, and human deprivations persist, even in very high human development countries. Progress has bypassed certain groups, communities, and societies. In designing the 2030 agenda, world leaders committed to a development path that leaves no one behind. In this context, UNDP decided to prepare its 2019 human development report on the theme of inequality in human development. Inequality is multi-dimensional, complex and dynamic. While many agree that inequality is a critically important issue, there is much less agreement on what to do about it, or – even – how to define and measure it. Inequality is often categorised in two broad groups namely inequality of opportunities (i.e., unequal access to education, health care, jobs, etc) and inequality of outcomes (i.e., income, wealth, consumption, health and so on). The 2019 Human Development Report (2019 HDR), to be released towards the end of this year, will focus on understanding relevant dimensions of inequality to people’s wellbeing.

Against this background, HDRO and the UN Office for South South Cooperation (UNOSSC) are jointly organising a consultation for the 2019 Human Development Report (HDR) on the topic of inequality in human development building on the ongoing e-discussion, from 18 June and 12 July 2019, on the South South Global Thinkers Network, and is aimed at maximizing stakeholder engagement and ensuring inclusive preparation of HDRs. It will also help in sharpening focus of the Report, the analytical work programme, and the Report process and most importantly seeking southern perspectives on this very important topic.

The consultation will specifically aim to: (i) hear stakeholder’s perspectives and experiences from Southern-based think tanks relating to inequality and related sub-themes, identify broad contours, and scope on the specific issues; and (ii) discuss key policy options and promote buy-in among the stakeholders.

The session willl start with introductory presentations on the HDR 2019, to introduce the general themes of the Report followed by an open discussion to encourage and develop the debate. This will be followed by presentations from select think tank representatives showcasing their current work on inequality, followed by another round of open discussion and Q&A with the audience.

The event programme/agenda

The online e-discussion has been moderated by Dr. Tanni Mukhopadhyay, Senior Researcher and Policy Specialist, and Dr. Christina Lengfelder, Research Analyst at the Human Development Report Office, UNDP. UNOSSC has coordinated the facilitation of the e-discussion. The e-discussion has generated a lot of interesting and insightful feedback so far from the South-South Global Thinkers network, with over 50 entries from prestigious think tanks, and 17 countries covering all five continents. The feedback has been very rich. It has touched upon many areas that are contributing to inequality in human development such as climate change, gender, digital divide, and corruption while also sharing regional and country perspectives.

E-discussion concept note download in English and Spanish